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>> Zane's The Heat Seekers

Zane's The Heat Seekers

Hot, hungry, and hunting... They're sisters of the soul, two girlfriends hitting the clubs in search of that oh-so-rare commodity: straight, single guys. Tempest sports a modest suit, while Janessa runs wild in a skintight minidress -- but they both want the same thing: the

Really a 4.5...Zane at the next level!
I admit it. I'm a junkie for online reviews, and when I read the reviews for The Heat Seekers, I wanted to read it bad. Having been a fan of Zane's for several years, I just had to see what all the drama was about. After I read the novel, I came back to these reviews, and I was pretty confused. Zane has kicked her writing to a whole other level, and this is probably one of my better readings by Zane. I think people expect a writer to stay within the confinement of one genre or style of writing without realizing that a true writer will grow, will mature, and will tackle a variety of styles in his or her writing. That is what Zane has done with The Heat Seekers.

The Heat Seekers involves the stories of two sets of best friends -- Tempest and Janessa, and Dvonté and Geren. Tempest is a headstrong sister who has had a string of bad relationships, but when she meets Geren, a refine, handsome investment banker, she starts to believe that she can have that special love...

Zane's The Heat Seekers is one of best selling in Criticism & Theory category.

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