Tuesday, January 29, 2013

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Simply Sexual

Sexual Satisfaction Ten years as a sex slave in a Turkish brothel left Lord Valentin Sokorvsky with an insatiable appetite for sex. Now the time has come for him to marry, but finding a woman who can satisfy his lustful desires proves a challenge . . . until he meets Sara an

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If being a sex slave in a Turkish brothel taught Valentin anything, it was that he could only depend on pleasures of the flesh. In the ten years since he was rescued and returned to England, his craving for sex has only increased. When it is time for him to marry, the daughter of the man that liberated him catches his eye. Having not felt such sexual longing in a while, Valentin is determined to make her his. Thus, for an exorbitant amount of money, Sara Harrison becomes his wife and bed partner. The fact that she is willing astonishes Val, but he also knows that Sara has no idea his true desires. And if he has anything to do with it, she never will.

Sara Harrison can't help herself. Instantly attracted to the man that her father rescued years ago, she knows that as a lady she shouldn't seek him out alone. She catches his eye, and when they come together behind closed doors, she is ecstatic to realize her desires her as well. It's too bad her father doesn't want her to...

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