Sunday, January 13, 2013

>> God's Gift to Women: A Novel

God's Gift to Women: A Novel

A smooth talker. An even better listener. And handsome as heaven on earth. He is God's Gift to Women. Julian Payne gets into bed with millions of women every night. As an after-hours radio talk-show host, Julian captivates his female audience with his deep voice and sensiti

Baisden Does It Again!!
Author extraordinaire has done it again. His new book "God's Gift To Women" takes one night of passion and pushes the envelope OFF the table...beyond "Fatal Attraction". This suspenseful tale introduces the reader to Julian Payne - an up and coming Radio Host who gets his big break at a Houston radio station. His ratings are through the roof due to his profound advice on relationships. He is also a reformed womanizer and single parent. You will never forget Olivia - a sexy, hazel eyed woman with a dark side. If you have ever met a will relate to Eddie - a bold womanizer with a live-in girlfriend. Terri - A Good Woman. Most people can relate to Denise - A Good Woman dating a No Good Man. There are some other characters that help to propel this drama along.

This page turner will have you in suspense as one night of passion turns into Julian's worst nightmare. You think you know...but you have to read this because you are in for a bigger thrill than you know...

God's Gift to Women: A Novel is one of best selling in Erotica category.

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