Saturday, January 12, 2013

^ Puta: An erotic coming of age novel

Puta: An erotic coming of age novel

A poignant, beautifully written erotic novel from the bestselling author of The Dirty Girls Social Club, PUTA describes the life of one woman, Carmen Noa, through the sexual encounters she had from the age of 16 to 41. By turns sexy, sensual and devastating, this book shows

All things memory, sex and sanity
One of the things I loved most about this book was Alisa's way of recounting this woman's life through exploration. Living/Reading through Carmens' in-and-out of bed adventures made you feel like you were having a conversation with a girlfriend over wine, swapping stories, remembering and healing. YES! Healing. The reflection and introspection that Carmen takes is reminiscent of the wiser sister or the good friend that gives the best advice because she has been-there-done-that. This book is a tremendous piece of work, because it gives light to things that women, latinas, often do not share with anyone without the courage of copious amounts of good pinot and equally open women. Such dialogue is rare and Alisa has made it accessible to us all. This transparency takes the power out of the title of the book; a word that for many of us causes such a jarring reaction. A word that we wouldn't use to define anyone we love. And yet, after reading this, I can say there is a little "PUTA"...

Puta: An erotic coming of age novel is one of best selling in Erotica category.

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