Wednesday, January 16, 2013

>> Housewives at Play: King-Size Special

Housewives at Play: King-Size Special

What happens when Patty and Beth walk in on Katherine's incestuous all-girl orgy/

Full-length comic story
Adult black & white graphic novel ("full-length comics story").

This is the sixth (or at least sixth) Housewives book (not counting "Housewives at Play Book 1" which is a collection of the first five comics (not the picture books, but the comic magazines). This book is a full-length comic as opposed to the others in the housewives graphic book series, which are collections of pictures. This book falls between the fifth and sixth comic magazines. The housewife comic series is published in a small thin adult comic magazine-form, and follows the story of Cathy, a housewife, that becomes a slave to two female neighbors, acquires a slave of her own (one of her daughters female friends) and introduces her daughter to the life-style. This particular book-length comic tells the story of Cathy in an insane asylum telling her story of her life as a lesbian slave to a female doctor.

An interesting well-drawn comic. The book contains bondage, lesbian sexual slavery,...

Housewives at Play: King-Size Special is one of best selling in Fantagraphics category.

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