Thursday, January 24, 2013

^ Letters to Penthouse VI: Feel the Heat (Vol VI)

Letters to Penthouse VI: Feel the Heat (Vol VI)

In letters to Penthouse magazine the nation's hottest forum of contemporary sexual issues are covered--or uncovered. Here, as told in their own uninhibited words, is the state of the union between men and women today, in all its inventive, eccentric, energetic variety. The s

Something for all sexual tastes!
This is by far my favorite of the Letters to Penthouse series so far, and I've read them all! This book has stories for, lesbian, bi, serendipity, alternative, romance, straight. My personal favorite story was "Filmfest Turns to Suckfest When Neighbor Holds Private Screening." As I always say in reviews of erotica, who cares if it really happened or not...if it didn't, you can pretend it did while you're reading, let yourself get aroused, and...whatever you like! I will admit, however, that a plus about the stories in this book is that there are some ideas you could use in real life to spice up your personal sex life...even if you couldn't play out the story exactly as written. Few of the stories, if any, depict safe sex. But again, this is not necessarily reality...its fantasy, and highly arousing fantasy at that. The stories are generally short so you can read one for a quickie arousal, or several for a longer fantasy session. A very recommended...

Letters to Penthouse VI: Feel the Heat (Vol VI) is one of best selling in Sex category.

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